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* Where does your company stand on innovation? Let us make an Innovation Maturity Study for your company.
* Beware of starting an innovation initiative in your company on the wrong foot! Let us guide you on the right steps of Innovation Management.
* Where can we start to build an innovative culture in our organization? Contact us now to develop a roadmap specific to your company.
* You can reduce your costs while realizing innovations. Contact us now to learn about the Value Innovation methodology.
* Benefit from the different training programs and conferences developed by Algoritma for your company’s leadership, managers, teams, and the general working body.
* Do not lose time with Suggestion Systems which are more than 100 years old. Contact us now to learn how you can establish an Idea Management System in your organization.
* Learn about our Innovation Projects Coaching program for approaches to lead your Innovation Project Teams to success.
* What do the Human Resources applications of an innovative company look like? Create a different HR operation with our Talent Management module.
* What is Cost Innovation? Contact us now to learn, and start applying.
* What tools are out there to support our innovation activities? Are they all suitable for us? Contact us now for Innovation Management Consulting.
* How do we find innovators? Can everyone become an innovator? What are the roles in innovation? Let us support you with our Talent Management module.
* Benefit from our Consulting Program to transform your business and to turn your company into an agile, flexible, resilient, and systematized one, which is ready for the bewildering global change.
* How can Corporate / StartUp collaboration be established? Contact us now for StartUp Scouting.
What is innovation?

Different people may have a different idea of what innovation is. Innovation, for one, is not creativity. It is not R&D. It is not even a purely technical matter. Innovation is not making idea

Why is innovation important?

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment the way to, at first remain a viable company, and then to sustainable profitable growth is through innovation. Cost/Quality advantages which used to be sufficient for establishing a competitive adva

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