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Why is innovation important?
What is innovation?
Why is innovation important?
Why is innovation important?

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment the way to, at first remain a viable company, and then to sustainable profitable growth is through innovation. Cost/Quality advantages which used to be sufficient for establishing a competitive advantage can only provide temporary relief today.

Differentiation is the key in today’s markets, where products and services look very much alike, are rapidly commoditized, and tried to be pushed to consumers under a communication overload, among many similar products.

No product or service is forever. What is important is to develop a capability for creating innovations, and differentiating yourself by obsoleting your own products, before others do it for you.

The way to sustainable profitability and sustainable growth, today and tomorrow, is through innovation. Algoritma helps companies to develop and improve their innovation management systems. Algoritma also guides companies in building and maintaining an innovation culture.

We can help your company transform into a globally competitive, more profitable, agile, dynamic, flexible, and innovative organization, by utilizing our know-how in Innovation Management, Business Transformation, Operational Excellence, and Cost Reduction, as well as our cumulative experience gained in consulting and training major companies.

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