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Our Services

Innovation Maturity Study
Let us do a Baselining Study to determine the innovation maturity level in your company.

Innovation Strategy and Innovation Leadership & Culture Workshops
Let us guide your leadership team to develop an innovation strategy and to understand the steps and leadership attitudes for creating an innovation culture.

Establishing an Innovation Management System
Collaborate with Algoritma to set up an innovation system in your company for sustainable competitive advantage and profitable growth.

Building an Innovation Culture
Let us help you to take the right steps and avoid the pitfalls in constructing an innovation culture specific to your company.

Value Innovation Consulting
Find out how to deliver high value original customer offerings while reducing your costs at the same time.

Innovation and Creativity Training Programs
Benefit from our sophisticated and customized training programs on innovation management, creativity, team building, change management, and cost reduction.

Innovation Projects Coaching
Let us train and coach your innovation project teams by equipping them with methodologies and tools, and supervising their progress.

Business Transformation Consulting
Let us work together to make your company agile, flexible, resilient, systematic, infrastructured, and ready for the bewildering global change.

Radical Cost Reduction
Learn to go beyond the well-known, across-the-board, and often destructive-in-the-long-run, ways of cost reduction.

Keynote Speeches
Our Founding Partner Ali Ozgenc is an engaging and dynamic speaker on innovation. Call Ali Ozgenc as a speaker to your company meetings.

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