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Ali Ozgenc is the Managing Partner of Algoritma. Mr. Ozgenc is an expert in the fields of Innovation Management, Business Transformation, and Innovative Cost Reduction. Ali Ozgenc deals with all aspects of innovation including, innovation strategy, innovation leadership, innovation culture, innovation process and systems, innovation talent and structures, innovation tools, and the innovation ecosystem.

Mr. Ozgenc writes a column in the leading business magazine, Capital in Turkey. He is also a professional speaker. He works on popularizing innovation nationwide through his writings, speeches, conferences, and media appearances.

Mr. Ozgenc was a member of the top management of Sabanci Holding Inc., one of the biggest conglomerates in Turkey. As the Business Development Director, he led drives in Sabanci Group for Business Excellence, Operational Excellence, Cost Reduction and Productivity, and Outsourcing. He was also the Corporate Six Sigma Champion for the Sabanci Group. He was concurrently the board member of Toyotasa, Cimsa, and Bimsa companies.

Previously, he led the foundation of Argesa, one of the first R&D Centers in Turkey. Mr. Ozgenc has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in Innovation Management.

He was part of the team which took Brisa to the first National Quality Award and to the European Quality Award. Ali Ozgenc also successfully led a three year operational excellence project in Sabanci Holding with pillars of quality, productivity, safety, and sustainability, involving the Sabanci Group Companies.

Mr. Ozgenc, with his vast and deep-rooted experience portfolio, is one of the most acclaimed personalities in Turkey in Innovation Management, a required capability for bringing a mindset change and a jump in performance in an organization.

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